Benchmaster Manufacturing Co.

2020-8-15 · Originally founded in the very early 1940''s as Duro Manufacturing Co. (not to be confused with Duro Metal Products Co., manufacturers of woodworking machinery), the company changed its name to Benchmaster Manufacturing Co. in 1943 and moved to Gardena, CA. They manufactured primarily punch presses but also milling machines.

Benchmaster Manufacturing Co.

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Benchtop Horizontal Mill, is it worth it?

 · It occupies little more floor space than my Benchmaster but it is several times heavier. I''ve learned that once it''s in place, that weight is a big advantage. It stands solid as a mill should, not skipping about like a dancing partner. I still love my first mill, the Benchmaster, had it thirty plus years but I …

Duro & Benchmaster Milling Machines

2021-2-6 · Duro & Benchmaster Milling Machines. Continued here: page 2 of 2. Sold as the "Duro" only during 1942 (the year of its introduction) but made until the 1950s as the "Benchmaster", the Duro milling machine was made by the Duro Manufacturing Company …

Benchmaster mill | BladeForums

 · It is actually a pretty rigid little knee mill. I am assuming it is the vertical mill and not the horizontal setup. Lots of limitations on it with it being so small ( 6" x 18" table, not much height from table to cutter, MT2 collets, etc.) but it really does a great job with the understanding that is a small benchtop mill.

Benchmaster Milling Machine

BenchMaster MV1 Milling Machine Precise SC 77 Spindle PVSF 35 Drive With Cooler Benchmaster model MV1 Bench Master M V 1 bench top mill Has a liquid cooled high …

Benchmaster milling machine

 · I use a Benchmaster at work just about every day. It is great for milling wood, brass, and aluminum. It''s not that great for running cutters above 1/4", and not that great for milling steel. $100 is a great deal for one, and that one looks like it is in pretty nice shape. I have …

Benchmaster Mill | Durastudio LLC

2021-7-14 · SoCal mid-century benchtop mill. They made all sorts of fun accessories. I have a Bridgeport M

Benchmaster Horizontal Mill

2021-6-24 · Benchmaster Horizontal Mill. In December, 2011 I ran across an ad on Craigslist for an old benchtop horizontal mill in Derby, Kansas. Over the holidays, I picked it up and brought it back to Iowa. Made by the Benchmaster company back in the 1940''s and 1950''s, it turned out to be an MH-2 model with the overarm.

Found this 2/16 on CL | The Hobby-Machinist

 · Benchmaster benchtop mill milling machine - tools - by owner - sale Vintage American Iron Benchmaster benchtop milling machine. These are hard to come by and sought... sacramento.craigslist Andy Click to expand... If someone is still looking for one in same general area: Benshmaster MH-2 horizontal mill. Very good condition.

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